So, I don't have much time to knock out this blog before I have to get ready for a friends birthday dinner! (happy birthday DevyBear!) Anyways, I thought that I would post a few pictures that remind me of how truly blessed my life is. I have way more than I could ever ask for & I could ever possibly deserve. I love everyone in my life, I'm so very thankful.

this group of girls got me through freshman year.

JiEun&I picking up Charissa from the airport junior year

Natalie- my roomie junior/senior year

the pic we used for our "savethedate"

my teamers. <3

out to dinner for tina's birthday!

bridesmaids from florida!

me&daddy during our father/daughter dance

mom&dad at the wedding.

so inlove.
and the story continues.. there are plenty more people & pictures I could post about, however I have spent about 30 minutes going through to just get this many because I keep getting side tracked. I think i'm going to have a weekly "shout-out" and appreciate people in my life via this blog. Not that it's a HUGE honor to be mentioned in my blog, but just that it's another way to show my love for the people in my life.



  1. Such cute pictures! And the one of you and your dad is so funny x


  2. I love this post. You are gorgeous in every photo. Lovin the newness of your blog...Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo