Well, as you know, it's been awhile since I've blogged. Whoops. You wouldn't believe all that I've done in the last week. I went to Wisconsin to see my family Sunday - Tuesday. I helped my mom decorate a house that's being turned into a bed&breakfast & also consumed more than a life supply of cheese & fried foods.

I returned from Wisconsin on Tuesday & worked Wednesday - Saturday, totaling about 60 hours. So you can imagine the reason for the lack of posts. I hope I'm excused.

Sunday Gabe came home from his LAST baseball trip & I'm so glad to have him back. Today we woke up very early, went apartment searching, shopped Goodwill & a furniture consignment store & watched the new Pirates movie. (it was okay..)

But anyways, I'm going to just stop typing & show all of the great finds I've picked up at Goodwill!

not sure what this is, but I liked the curves.
anyone know what it's suppose to be?

loving this lamp! i've been searching for one with great curves like this..
wonder what color i'll paint it?!

adore this blue&white stand..
I want to have a blue&white china set one day!

not sure what this is suppose to be,
but i sure do know what i'll be doing with it.

small obsession with candle sticks?

pretty little bowl,
perfect for.. something.

obsessed with the pattern on this knitted blanket!

So that's that. Come back tomorrow to see what I've made tonight. I promise to be better at blogging my friends, I want to keep gaining followers as I have been lately.

Also, I didn't forget about the GIVEAWAY! I'm just still coming up with the perfect prize.
Dontcha worry!



  1. YES....LOVE that first thing for the antho table!!! and Im digging all your other finds! Great day for you! Thanks for stopping by my little blog too!!!

  2. I'm pretty sure we're related. I LOOOVE all those things, too! I think the top thing is for one of those big pillar candles...I think??? That's what I'd put on it anyway! Great finds, my dear!!!

  3. Hi Mrs. Grinder -
    Thanks for your notes on my own weekend windfall from the thrift store excursion. Don't you just love stepping into a thrift store!? You know something good is going to happen!
    Natalie is right. The top photo is a pillar candle holder.
    Can't wait to see some paint on some of those beauties.
    I'm signed on as a follower now so I'll be able to watch as you post your goodies.
    Speaking of, are you Swedish? I notice your signature says 'GodisLove' - Godis is 'candy' in Swedish.