I will say that one of the qualities I have to own up to would be my indecisive-ness, if that's even a word. Before going to college, my mom never let me change my hair, so when I went to college that was the FIRST thing I started wreaking havoc on. And that continued for the next four years. Pictures below to prove it..

perm & dark..

blonde with bangs

blonder with extensions

blonde but natural length

 dark brown

highlights in the brown, on my way back to blonde

blonde with extensions

I had more pictures to put on, proving that I've literally gone from every length & color in the books, but my computer has a mind of its own & doesn't want to open amy more files.

Anyways, the MAIN point of the story is this.. I found the blog my.yellow.sandbox. & I'm regretting recently cutting all my hair off. (To get an idea you can see my profile picture on my blog..) I just found Abby's blog & liteally I'm OBSESSED! Right now she's doing a different hair style, every day, COMPELETE with tutorials, for 30 days. Seriously, this is amazing! It's going to challenge me to actually do something with my locks before I go into work! 

So, I'm not sure what you're doing here still, get on over to her blog & check out the amazing tutorials. If I still had long hair I'd be rocking DAY 18, the HAIRbow. Seriously Abby, this is amazing. You have BEAUTIFUL hair & I'm loving your blog! Thanks for inspiring me!!

Off I go to work on some more projects for our new apartment!



  1. Well I have to tell you that each and every hairstyle has looked wonderful on you! Very beautiful!

  2. You are just too stinking cute! Man, you can pull ANYTHING off! I would LOOOVE (Like...ULTIMATE LOVE) to get extensions someday...do they hurt? How long do they stay in?

    My Yellow Sandbox is freaking awesome! I knew her blog before she got all famous...I can't believe how fast she grew! It's so great! I love all the things she's done so far...the bohemian twist thing has been used DAILY for my runs to get my crazy morning bangs under control!

  3. I love seeing your progression of hair styles!! Off tho see My Yellow Sandbox!

    Art by Karena

  4. Darling, I am not at all worried about you not seeing my message to you. Noooo problem. I managed to blog a little while in Hawaii. I love this post...your face is precious and gorgeous. Don't cut your hair again although it looks great shorter...if you want it short, put it in a ponytail...Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xoxo

  5. You look beautiful is all the photos :)

  6. i love your hair all lengths and colors! you are beautiful, friend!