movin on up.

Gabe & I have spent the last 10 months making our apartment a home. We have made a lot of memories here, but it's time to move on. We already pay outrageous prices for our ONE bedroom & when it comes time to renew the lease, the price is going up $100 a month.

We will be moving on to bigger & better things, less expensive things. It's insane that almost an entire paycheck goes to our apartment. Yes, we have AMAZING amenities such as:

But, paying $300 more for a 1 bedroom than most people pay for a 3 bedroom around here, is getting very old. VERY OLD.

I've been planning out our new apartment in my head & I'm getting so very excited!
Looking back at the things that I LOVED when we moved in:

gallery walls

over-stuffed bookcases

picture/shelving gallery

I begin to realize how much my taste has changed since last August. The few things I've crafted lately can go to show that:

slightly classic, rustic & romantic.

So I've begun to start stashing photos of what I'm loving & what I want our apartment to look like.

i'm no good with the technical words,
but i love the curvy shapes mixed with the vintage feel
of the letters & colors

seriously i'm obsessed with pallets,
i've seen walls covered with them
& pallets turned into benches,
this might be my fav though.

this gives mirror image a WHOLE new meaning,
Obsessed with this wall.

So that's what has been on my mind! I've got a verrrry busy next few days. I'll post pictures of what's planned as soon as it's over!

Keep me updated, i LOVE getting comments. Makes me so very happy.



  1. Glad you enjoyed the Blue Boy chair tutorial! This one might help too if you find a chair that just needs the seat cushion recovered http://lovelybeasts.blogspot.com/2011/03/tuesday-tutorial-covering-seat-cushion.html. You may already have a way of doing it though :).

    And I love pallets too! Still haven't worked with them yet but it's kinda silly because I live a block away from a warehouse that makes pallets and always has free ones outside. Can't wait to see your projects when you move into a new place!

    And thanks for following me! I'm following you too!


  2. I am so happy for you and Gabe...make your home your happy place no matter where you end up...love your new taste..beautiful. Dawn xoxo