i promised

I promised yall I'd be better with posting! Here's some pictures of the cabinet that I made over the past week. I used the technique found here & this is what I came up with!


In the process...


isn't she a beaut?

i took out the glass windows
& lined the inside with paper from the $1 bin at Target

Don't ask me what I plan on using her for, I haven't quite got that far yet! But I do know in our new apartment I am planning on having more of a cozy, romantic, rustic theme rather than the modern, here's-the-craft-I-just-made-vomit feel of the apartment now!

Off I go to purchase the new table that will fit PERFECTLY in our new apartment, along with grocery shopping for the first time in 3 weeks. Dont you dare judge me.



  1. So cute! Huge transformation. I may have to steal that one of these days :)