crackle paint

I just got home from work not even an hour ago & I feel like I've accomplished so much. I've made dinner, emptied the dishwasher- only to reload it with dirty dishes, fed the cat- both breakfast & dinner (whoops!) and now I've taken some pictures so I can post a quick blog!

I found a blog showing me how to make the crackle paint effect without having to purchase the expensive materials, see the post earlier this week for the tutorial. I had trouble with my first attempt with it, but the second try I got it down pretty friggen good if I say so myself. (Forgive the picture quality, it's 10:42!)

first try, not so pretty..

blurry picture, but it worked! so happy... still have to finish it before I reveal the entire beauty!
I'm seriously so happy that I can do crackle now! Yay.
Want a sneak peak into the rest of the living room?

one word: multitasking.

the view to the left, LOVE how they turned out..

view to the right, gotta have those tools ;)

 So there we go, my update! I hope to have a few more things finished before Friday. I have exciting plans for the weekend that can not be disclosed yet- but I'll be sure to post pictures!

What crafts are you working on these days?! Fill me in!



  1. I love these quicky posts of yours...thats all we as your readers need...just a pinch of what you are up to. Love it, can't wait for the reveal...Dawn xoxoxo

  2. Oooh, I love what I see so far!

  3. Will you do me the honor and guest post for me when I go away...??? you can do a craft or thrifted stuff. Let me know darling...dawnxoxo