I meant to have a post today that had the projects I've been completing, however I've failed! I've been so busy crafting, I just didn't take any pictures. Then I went to the gym, ran some errands & now it's too dark out to take any decent pictures! I'll have to make up for it tomorrow.

So instead of pictures of crafts, I'll take this time to write about something that's been a HUGE deal in my life lately, my weight. Since I graduated, stopped playing soccer & got married, I have put on like 35 lbs. seriously? That's the size of a small child, or a medium sized dog.

I've always played soccer so weight was never an issue for me. What I thought was "pudge" makes what is now "pudge" look invisible.

Anyways, after about a year of me being upset about my weight & not doing anything about it for longer than a month, I'm vowing RIGHT NOW to get back on my grind. I'm going to fit in my jeans in 2 months, it's happening. END OF STORY.

I've been wanting to try out THIS cleanse for a few weeks now.. I think I can talk the husband into letting me get it! Come on, who wouldn't want to drink juice composed of spinach, kale, lettuce and celery.

So, who's with me in this journey. 40 lbs, 2 months.. that's like, 0.66lbs a day. WE GOT THIS.

xox yall.


  1. Girl, I am SOOOOO in there with you! Siiiiigh. Let's be eachother's support group, I'm not even kidding. You're so brave for doing a cleanse! Let me know how it goes! I wonder if they really work! I've been trying to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and trying to watch what I eat. I think if I just get a routine and have someone to be accountable to I can do it! YOU CAN DOOO IT!!! (ten points if you can guess the movie line)

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  3. I am getting ready to do a cleanse from Arbonne...it is a 7 day cleanse and it is only 50 bucks...all natural and healthy way of detoxing...www.arbonne.com. Check it out. Dawn xo. I hear ya on the weight gain....nip it now it only gets worse and harder later darling...believe me.