I had such a crazy day, I woke up this morning at 730 and jumped right to my long list of ambitious things to do. First I started reorganizing the den, which was once dubbed the “man cave” but I’m thinking needs to be redubbed the “woman cave”. I feel bad that it’s no longer the man cave, but the large amounts of crafts & supplies really need a home different from our kitchen table. (Not only because it looks tacky, but also because it’s set nicely for Thanksgiving.)
Gabe and I went back to Michaels, I think that’s my 3rd time this week; they actually know me there now. I returned some stuff & purchased some new things & got straight to work. The pictures that follow are what I accomplished today, and I would like to mention that I also spent some good quality time with Tiffany & Taitor tonight over tacos. It was lovely!

i made these cute little things from a tutorial i found online,
they're those little balls that fall from trees,
with bamboo skewers stuck in & covered in glitter!

here's the finished product,
they're on the table for now,
soon they will go on the Christmas Tree

I cut out "JOY" from cardboard & glittered it yesterday,
then I covered clothes pins in red glitter,
i'm going to make garland out of it!

all of my glittered projects, i think i'm good for awhile!

bought for $2.50, glittered the pot!

here's the table!
still missing place cards though!

 So there you have it bloggers, I am checked out for the day. I'll try to post some pictures of the den sometime soon.. it's not going to be anything fancy because I dont want to cover up any holes in the wall that aren't necessary. Until tomorrow, I'm sure!


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