oh so you're fancy, ya?

Hello Bloggies, as promised- here’s another blog! While my mom was in town, we did a lot of shopping as I said previously. As I was looking through all of the bags upon bags of stuff that we got- I couldn’t figure out if we did more clothes shopping or more decorative shopping. So, I’ve decided to blog about both.
I don’t usually blog about clothes because I don’t think of myself as fashionable. I just buy things at stores & put them on when I need to. I love to get dressed up with a full face of makeup, hair done and high-heels, but the older I get the more I enjoy to just throw on sweats and be lazy with my clothes.
Lately I have had a low sense of self-worth, just being honest here, I think due to the fact that I am currently not doing much with my life, (no job etc.) so I figured that purchasing a new chunk of clothes would spruce my attitude right up.
Here are some random shots of some of my favorite things from shopping!
Charolette Ruse, I think everything was under
$15 except for the dark grey sweater shirt

adore this tank,
it was only $5

my new collection of plaid,
dying to wear with leggins & mocs.

slouchy shirt, these days non-form
fitting clothes win me over

another slouchy shirt,
adore the pearls on this one

Mackenzie talked me into getting this one,
very vintage looking & looks
more expensive than $20.

$5, CR, LOVE.

i'm not sure if it's SUPPOSE to be
a shirt or a dress, but it makes a
lovely black dress on me.

love this sweater, most expensive buy at $30.

stud buttons on sweater above

what do you know?
another slouchy sweater!

thick sweater/shirt thing, love it.

just a few glitzes

about 6 of those hanging things are gabes,
the rest of the closet is mine :)

bottom rack is new stuff,
hadn't organized it yet.

Well there you go lovies, a little bit of my closet there at the end :) xox until next time!

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  1. Hi Teressa...wow you really did some major shopping...great for you and so nice to have your mom along with you. I look forward to your posts so much. You have inspired me more than you know. You have 24 followers now...fabulous. Have a great weekend....post your thrift finds!!! I am adding you to my face page Mrs. Grinder..