Put it in a frame!

I LOVE PICTURES! I love picture frames, I love cameras, and I love the fact that pictures can capture so many things- good memories, bad memories, funny moments, random moments or even simply inspiration.

I knew that once I had my "own" place, (I say my own because I can pretty much decorate how I want, Gabe doesn't care) I would have the walls covered in pictures, paintings and other types of art, I HATE BARE WALLS. I don’t know why, I just look at bare walls and they literally scream- DO SOMETHING WITH ME. I hate empty wall space, I absolutely hate it!

Now, I will admit that when we moved into the apartment and I found out that we were going to have to cover all the holes that we made, I got a little bit defeated. We’ll only be here for about a year and I know that covering 100 holes in the wall is no one’s idea of fun. So, I will also admit that I thought about it for about .2 seconds and realized that it was totally worth it and I would put up whatever I wanted & just deal with the holes later. All for the love of the game, right?

Right. So then I decided that since we had just gotten married we should have a whole wall dedicated to our wedding. We have wedding pictures of us up all over the house in different frames, so I wanted this wall to be something different. I thought that I’d like to really showcase the people that we spent our special day with on this wall, rather than just the two of us. We received a box of 10 picture frames for the wedding; I had made some picture frames over the summer (via modpodge) and also recently found some plain old picture frames from Wal-Mart that actually passed as “do-able” for this wall since it’s so busy!

We also have a huge wall that our couch is on, that has been sorta blank since we moved in, I hung up a modpodge creation there underneath a Bible verse, but I thought that the wall needed some sprucing up, so I printed some pictures of BEAUTIFUL flowers from tumblr accounts, had them printed real nice at Kinkos & stuck those suckers in the same $1 picture frames from Wal-Mart.

Now as I’ve been saying in my blog for the past few weeks, I was rushing to get things done since my mom was coming. She came on Tuesday and left today, yes I obviously cried. But we had so much fun while she was here. We went to the mall, Wal-Mart, Target, Pier1, Michaels & pretty much every other store you could think of that would have something that 2 omen could buy. We got so much fun stuff, it was all Christmas gifts because we are going to be in Utah for Christmas, so getting the gifts there is really hard. So before anyone jumps to conclusions, no I’m not a spoiled brat- just spoiled. J I will be doing a few separate posts of everything that we got while she was here, but I wanted to post the pictures of the walls and also the ONE picture we took while she was here.

Can I just brag on my mom for a second everyone, I love her so much. I miss her & I wish that we could live closer together, but I know that we will eventually!!

"Wedding Wall".. I wish it said our wedding date on it,
but the next time we move I will plan better.

This is the "flower wall",
adore it.

me & mom after dinner the first night,
i love & look up to this woman SO much.

Alright bloggers, this is it. I will have plenty of blogs coming soon. Tomorrow I have testing at Geico for a job & I can possibly be there ALL day.. so i'm not quite sure when, but there will be new ones coming soon with all the stuff we got this week! Also, going thrifting with my dear friend Mackenzie on Saturday, so there will hopefully be things to show after that as well.



  1. I love all your frames!!! Thanks for visiting my site!! I'm following you back :-)
    Shantel @

  2. yay love you! can't wait to see you tomorrow its gonna be an amazing day! <3

  3. I love PF Chang's especially the hot Fish dish...You look so pretty and happy with your mom visiting. Love your bag...and I am bot talking about the PF Chang Bag....Dawn.