SO much done!

As I collected the pictures for this blog, I realized that I have been VERY busy lately! So I will let the pictures do the talking for me!

I made 2 Dozen Carmel Apple Cupcakes for SEU's Fall Festival!

I thought they were wrapped really cute
& I'm actually proud of my little last minute sign!

Here's my to-do list that I started out the weekend with..

The pile of STUFF I've accumulated over the last few months.

Had to throw in a picture of my favorite little helper, Queen Elizabeth!

This little bird was $3, it's in a box that's over our bed.

I made these pots by spray painting them green
& then laying lace over them & then spraying gold spray paint,
then you just remove the lace & you have a beautiful creation!

Got these great pillar candle holders at Goodwill for $10,
they were SHINY silver, too stand outish for our apartment
so we went with white spray paint

I wrote out this huge letter G, for over the TV
it's on foam board.

I traced it out with a box cutter,
I felt like a really big girl doing so!

I covered it with several, several, several layers of light blue tissue paper & modpodge
literally about 5 layers.

I didn't like it at first, but added black beans as a border
& now I love it!

Hand sewed these pillows together,
they're nice but I wish I had my sewing machine down here!

Finished product, the pink was so bright,
so I made some little flowers to make them not so pink vomitish.

Here's the other set of pillows,
the flowers make such a huge difference..
but they took so much time to do!
(Idk if i'll be quick to make them again!)

I got 2 of these vases for my Bridal Shower,
they're from Target & I LOVE THEM!
they have sat empty for the past 4 months on either side of the TV,
karlee inspired me with the twigs & then the flowers
were $1 each at Michaels!
I LOVE THEM & am so proud of them!

Well, I think that I have overloaded this blog with plenty of pictures for now! I have much more that I've accomplished, however I will make you wait to see!! My mom is coming NEXT WEEK! So there will be much to do before then!


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  1. Absolutely love everything....you are making a home for u and ur husband....and queen elizabeth is too beautiful. The vases are beautiful especially with the flower color choice. I look forward to ur upcoming projects...be sure n post ur goodwill finds...dawn...suitcase vignettes. By the way...got ur lovely email.