I spent large amounts of time this evening searching the internet for something that I want to be good at.. something that I want to be able to make & look at & be like, wow.. that’s good. I found something that has caught my eye, I’ll have posts soon.
Until then, I thought I’d post some pictures of the Chili I made the other day for our 4 month anniversary. Time is really flying here people!
idk why, but i like the way they looked

so many spices.. it has to be good.

my surprise for gabey.. T <3's G..

i'm not really sure if this picture looks good or not,
but it was pretty good..
the biscuts were AMAZING!

Alright BLOGGERS! I have 12 followers as of now.. lets get that number up bc I have over 1,000 page views.. So, I know you're stalking me via FB & not following me.. you've been caught red handed, now fix it ;)

I'm going to bed because I have church in way too soon amounts of hours. Stay tuned, probably tomorrow for a big post again, lots of house stuff.



  1. I'm gonna need some recipes :)

  2. Just found your blog! I LOVE chili on a cold night!