Thankful & Thrifty

Sweet bloggers, I am writing this blog today with soooo much joy! I know that sounds very corny, but it’s so true. I got a job today at Geico! I have been unemployed for the past few months and since we got married, neither of us have had jobs- so things have been a little rough. Anyways, I start my job December 6th, so from now until then- I will be in FULL craft mode. Once I do start my job & complete the training, I’ll work 4 days on & 3 days off, so I will still have lots of time to craft, but not as much. I think that will help me actually do more with my time since I’ll have time limits unlike now, but we’ll see. Training will be from December 6th until the end of February, so lots of it! But I am so very excited.
Okay, now on to the point of this particular blog. When I first started out blogging I came across a blog called “Suitcase Vignettes” written by a sweet woman named Dawn. I loved following her blog because she always found the best stuff at Goodwill or other flea markets, and it gave me hope that I could find great things at Goodwill as well. Up until lately, I have not had that great luck except here & there. But I finally feel that I have enough great finds from thrift stores that I can officially blog about it.
Here goes nothing:
i love this little tin can,
we don't have anything i it, but it's so cute. $3

the top of a wooden stool we purchased,
way too perfect to pass up. 

here's the full shot, $25.
we use it as a side table.

i picked this out because i liked the design,
then i realized that it's an old fashioned cig. box.

drawers for the cigs & matches,
we dont smoke, but for $1- had to have it.

pile of books to put out for the Holidays,
love the colors, ranging from $0.40-$1.00
love them!

world's cutest clock, i feel like it sells for around $30.
this is veryyy old & only cost $8.

bag of pinecones & cinnamon sticks, $1
saw the same bag for $5 at Publix

random Christmas ornaments, all under $1

2 beautiful white bowls, $5 each.
already filled them with pinecones & acorns.

So there you have it folks, a few of the finds we've gained over the past few months.. love them. Stay tuned for more crafts coming up soon, I already have some that need to be posted- but i'll keep you waiting ;)



  1. Greetings Friend...
    You have a wonderful blog & I look forward to following along with you through lifes many adventures!

  2. I nearly screamed when you gave me a blog mention...YOU DID A GREAT JOB THRIFTING...YOU OPENED YOURSELF UP TO UNIQUE ITEMS. Now for my critique...1. adorable tin that can double as a recipe card holder. 2. Fantastic wooden stool table...I would have snagged it too. 3. Cigar box is a great color. 4. I am so proud of your old books...awesome job. 5. Unbelievable alarm clock...love it. 6. Cinnamon stick are my favorite..and I shop at Publix when I visit my in-laws in Davenport not too far from you. White milk glass bowls are sooo pretty..surprised you found 2 matching...love it all. I will post some of my recent finds too. I will give you a shout out as well. Thanks again and have an AWESOME week thinking about that new JOB..God is Good.

  3. Awesome finds! I love that stool/side table and the vintage books! I think I need to get some too!