Hello Dear Bloggers,
As I have been saying for the past month or so, I am in 100% crafting mode! Well I have come up with a great solution for one of the most annoying problems we’ve come across in the apartment so far. MAGNETS!
We thought it would be really easy to go to the store & find cute magnets, oh were we so very wrong. We just found like ugly red/blue/yellow ones that looked like they belonged in a 3 year olds playroom. I’ve come across a few tumblr accounts that have such beautiful pictures and I decided that they would make PERFECT magnets, so here you go!
This project was literally a piece of cake, cost me nothing because I had the supplies, but I couldn’t see it costing more than $10.
I started out with a magnet sheet, we got this for free at the lightening game:

 This is my favorite glue, MOD PODGE, it works on anything.. I applied this with a sponge brush to the magnets, then pressed the pictures on to the magnet

 Here are few of the final products:
 Up close of one of my favorites:

So there you go! Piece of cake! Back with more apartment updates soon.